Senatorial Palace

  • Roma, Italy
  • Piazza del Campidoglio
    00186 Roma, Italia
  • +39 06 67081 
  • Historically, this place has always been associated with the political life of the city. The palace was built as a public archive has 78 BC Currently senatorial palace on Kapіtalіyskay area of ​​Rome is the seat of the mayor.

    One of the seven hills on which the city itself originated world - Capitol. On top was built medieval Senatorial Palace, in the ancient basement which is part of the exhibition of the famous Capitoline Museum. With the fall of the Roman Empire Palace went into decline, and in the Middle Ages, this building was used as a fortress. Pope Paul III asked for the restoration of the palace in 1538 by the famous sculptor Michelangelo Buonarroti, whose works became a fountain and stairs. In the center of the fountain A statue Joyful Rome

    The construction and restoration also led Giacomo make the port. In his drawings are present facade of the building, and the entire complex was completed Kapіtalіyskay Square in 1940. Today, tourists can enjoy a bell tower, which was destroyed by lightning, and then restored by Martin Long sketches. In 1200 in Rome Vіterba brought the bell, and today he is calling for the election of mayor of the capital.
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