Skhodnenskaya bowl

  • Putilkovo, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, North-Western Administrative District, Southern District Tushino. 
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    Shodnitskogo bowl - this gem of a Moscow park "Tushino", which is a natural monument. It is located in the South Tushino (North-West District of Moscow). Bowl formed as a result of the deepening of the river bed similar: after the retreat in a southerly direction under the influence of bedrock, the river became shallow and was at the bottom of ravine. As a result, the bowl resembles an amphitheater with ssoўnym relief.

    The depth of the cup is 40 meters and the total area of ​​over 75 hectares. Slopes bowls buried in thick vegetation, dominated by: ash, birch, oak, elm, horsetail and rowan. Here you can infinitely enjoy singing birds as nesting in the park Bluethroat, nightingale, moorhen and other representatives.

    Shodnitskogo bowl is a place inhabited by rare species such as the lizard, moor frog, hare and the common newt. All of them are listed in the Red Book of Moscow.

    Through its perfectly round shape, dense vegetation and rare flora and fauna, Shodnitskogo bowl is a favorite place of citizens and tourists.
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