Sculpture "Children - victims of adult vices"

  • Moscow, Russia
  • sculpture is located in the park on Bolotnaya Square 
    Sculpture "Children - victims of adult vices", authored by Mikhail Shemyakin, established in 2001 and represents an allegory of the struggle against evil and vices. This composition is considered one of the most extraordinary in Moscow.  

    The composition includes 12 sculptures that represent the various vices: "Addiction", "Prostitution", "Plunder", "alcoholism", "false teaching", "Ignorance", "Neutral", "advocating violence", "sadism", "Exploitation of child work "," Misery "and" War "- that surround the sculptures of children blindfolded.

    View sculptural can not, at any time, since after the attack by vandals on the monument to the city authorities, it was decided to enclose its wall, a door that closes at 9 pm.
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