Square on Square AM Gorky.

  • Nizhnij Novgorod, Russia
  • Gorky Square can be reached by street Maslyakova and Gorky Street. 
    On 22 thousand square meters of Gorky, there are about 250 trees of different breeds brought from different parts of the former Soviet Union, and 5,000 shrubs.

    Among this riot of botanical and is a monument to Maxim Gorky, which is subject to federal and regional cultural values. 13 years before its creation, was an All-Union competition of projects of the monument, the winner of which was VI Mukhina. Its implementation has prevented the Great Patriotic War. After the war, the area has undergone reconstruction of Gorky - it organized the Square, where in turn was a monument.

    In the recent past, this park almost destroyed, if the application has been approved for construction of a shopping complex. Fortunately, the Square defended. Now attempts to change the status of the park on recreational. To date, the square is open to all comers.
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