Smolensky Metro Bridge

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, Filevskaya line of the Moscow Metro, between the stations "Smolensk" and "Kiev". 
    Smolensky Metro Bridge is located Filevskaya line of the Moscow Metro, between the stations "Smolensk" and "Kiev". This metro bridge was built in the form of a single-span steel arch overpass across the Moscow River. Smolensky Metro Bridge - The oldest metro bridge in Russia. Movement on this overpass was opened March 20, 1937.

    Smolensky Metro Bridge double width is 3.55 meters mezhduputya. Almost the entire route straight, only at the end of the way cities abruptly turns south toward Kiev station.

    At the beginning of construction work Smolensky Metro Bridge held a contest to design the bridge. Among the contest works was chosen the most modest option - only decoration overpass steel emblem subway and modest iron vases.
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