Snow Village

  • Kirovsk, Russia
  • Murmansk region, the Kirov, district dispensary "Tirvas" 
  • +7 921 510 000 6 
    "Snow Village" - this is the first in the Murmansk region, and possibly in Russia, the establishment of a settlement of the ice and snow. Each year, with the onset of winter grows in the Khibiny new city, snow, sparkling, not quite true, but amazingly beautiful. 

    As soon as the first snow falls, at the foot of Vudyavrchorr artisans gather people to create a great miracle - Snowtown. Merge together in this moment surprising property of water to turn into a sparkling ice and irrepressible imagination of man. A result of this merger are wonderful strange design of snow and ice. There are snow halls, rooms, galleries, ice furniture, sculptures, slides - the world of fairy tales and magic.

    Here you can relax in the ice bar, a movie theater to see a movie about a snowy village last year, visit the gallery of ice sculptures and, if desired, to try yourself as an ice sculptor. In addition, for younger guests are organized tour of the Snow Village with fabulous characters, Christmas meeting with Father Frost and Snow Maiden, skating with slides inflatable sledge.

    Of course, at the end of spring all the wonders utekut with melt water, but there new winter city more beautiful former and again invite guests into a real winter wonderland.
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