Cathedral of the Holy Virgin in Izmailovo

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    Church of the Intercession of the Virgin in Іzmaylave is located on the island of silver Grape pond Moscow. The church was built for the royal manor Izmailovo during the reign of the kings of Alexei Mikhailovich and Fedor Alekseevich and consecrated in the 17th century. Today is object of cultural heritage of Russia.

    The church is a monumental brick building with trohnefavuyu belakamennymі parts, topped 5 chapters. The interior of the church was completely destroyed during the war and regime change. Monumental building from the outside is decorated with tiles. To create them, was invited to master Palubes Stepan, who created the pattern "Peacock".

    The temple was badly damaged in 1812 by the French invasion, so the interior has been preserved. For the construction of refuge in the temple walls were dismantled northern and southern church door. The work of the church resumed only in the 90s of the last century. In 2001-2002, the temple has a new iconostasis.
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