St. Basil's Cathedral

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    St. Basil's Cathedral (Cathedral of the Holy Virgin on the Moat) - one of the most famous and iconic monuments of Moscow. The name of the temple was in honor of Blessed Basil (who respects himself Ivan the Terrible), who was buried in the XVI century in Trinity the church that was at the time on the site of the present cathedral.

    St. Basil's Cathedral was built on the Red Square in 1555-1561, respectively, according to the traditional version, masters, named: Faster Yakovlev and bartenders. According to another version, this was one man - known Pskov master Faster Yakovlev nicknamed "bartenders". Around the cathedral and still hovers many legends. The most famous of them, that after the construction of Tsar Ivan IV ordered to blind masters, so that they are no longer able to build anything like that, was not confirmed among historians.

    St. Basil's Cathedral, in fact, is a nine churches on the same foundation. The cathedral is built of brick, rarely used in those days for the construction of churches, and deprived the express facade: which side you approach the building or, it seems that it is this side is the main. The height of the St. Basil's Cathedral is 65 meters, until the end of the XVI century, it was the tallest building in Moscow.
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