Cathedral Church of the Assumption in Kirsanov

  • Molokanshchina, Russia
  • g.Kirsanov, Tambov region
    Cathedral Church of the Assumption in Kirsanov, was built in 1820, on the initiative of parishioners, each of which contributed to its construction a feasible material contribution. It is a warm stone church with a luxurious interior, where you can see rare ancient icons. City Kirsanov is in the Tambov region, and the city has existed since 1796, although this place has been known since 1702, when Kirsanov referred to as settlement.

    Inside the church are three altars: the main consecrated in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary; right - in the name of Archangel Michael and the left - in the name of St. Nicholas. In the dining room there are two more altars right consecrated in honor of the icon All the Afflicted and the left - in the name of Simeon and Anna the Prophetess. Among the most precious and revered relics is the icon of the Mother of God "All the Afflicted". It is believed that it has miraculous properties that attracts many to the temple believers.

    Since the middle of the XIX century to Kirsanov cathedral church is eleven villages. Simultaneously with the completion of the temple is opened parochial school. Currently, the library at the church contains a rare collection is more than five hundred of the old books and manuscripts.
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