Sochi National Park

  • Adler, Russia
  • Sochi, UL. Moscow, 21.
    Sochi National Park - one of the first parks in Russia, established to preserve the unique natural complexes of the Black Sea coast. The park occupies a leading position among national parks in Russia by the number of rare and endangered species plants.

    Territory 191.3 thousand. Guo busy rivers, karst massifs, gorges (the largest cave system in the Caucasus - Vorontsov), waterfalls (Agursky waterfalls, waterfall Nameless, Orekhovskiy). List of complement: endangered plants listed in the Red Book, Caucasian black grouse, krasnobryuhaya redstart, tours, tombs, remains of castles, medieval churches.
    Great place for a nice walk and unity with nature.

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Sights nearby

Water park "Mayak"
Waterpark "Amfibius"
Pingvinary "Starfish"
Lenin Street Adler
Street Gastello
Park of Culture and Rest
Airport Adler-Sochi Nizhne-vysokoe (admin. territoriya g. Sochi)
Marine Park "Water area" Adler
Sanatorium "South Seashore"
Concert hall of the sanatorium "South Shore"
River Herota
Railway station - station Adler
Adler lighthouse
Museum of History Adler district
Park Mandarin Adler
Park named Bestuzhev- Marly
Square Bestuzheva Adler
Monument AA Bestuzhev- Marlinsky
Park "Southern Culture"
Ahshtyrskaya cave Nizhne-vysokoe (admin. territoriya g. Sochi)
Recreation "brook"
River Mzymta
Nudist beach Adler
Gorge "Turtle" Bestuzhevskoe (admin. territoriya g. Sochi)
Port of Sochi

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