The malt shop brewery

  • Severo-vostochnye Sady, Russia
  • Russia, the Republic of Adygea, Maikop city, Lenin Street, 1 
    Historic building soladavay shop Brewery in Maikop, built of red brick in the beginning of the last century, looks more like a castle than a commercial enterprise. Four body shop combined into one large building erected by the fashion in modern style. Shop facades are lavishly decorated with ornaments made of bricks and decorated brick chimneys of the plant resemble the high castle turret.

    Shop was built in 1910. It was equipped with modern equipment at that time and was able to cook for about four million liters of beer a year. The total amount of oak vats from Worts reached eight million liters. At the plant used steam heating and cooling cellar was used to harvest the winter ice on the river.

    Today, up to the old shop was attached several modern buildings designed in the same style.
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