Monastery of Saint Euthymius

  • Suzdal, Russia
  • M7
    Vladimir region, Russian Federation 1.2 km NE
    Monastery of Saint Euthymius - Monastery, situated on the left bank of the Kamenka River, north of the city of Suzdal. Its foundation dates back to 1352 year, was the founder of the Nizhny Novgorod Prince Boris Konstantinovich.

    At first, the monastery was built as a fortress. It was designed to protect the city from both external and internal enemies. Then the monastery was called simply Spaskіm - St. Euthymius became known later, after the first abbot of the monastery, the monk Euphemia Suzdal.

    To this day the first wooden buildings of the monastery, unfortunately, not reached. The current view of the monastery acquired in the XVI-XVII centuries. Facilities that time were built on money-knyazhatska boyars. The monastery with all the buildings included in the list of cultural heritage Humanity by UNESCO.
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Dmitry Pozharsky Monument
Tomb of Prince Pozharsky in St. Euthymius Monastery
Gate Church of the Annunciation
Assumption refectory church in Suzdal
Cross on the site of ancestral tomb of Prince Pozharsky
A fragment of a ruined mausoleum DM Pozharsky
Belfry St. Euthymius Monastery
Museum "Gold Room" in Suzdal
Kamenka River
Passage tower Spaso Euthymius Monastery
The belfry of the Transfiguration Cathedral
Smolensk church with a bell tower
Transfiguration Cathedral
Posad house
Pokrovsky Monastery (Suzdal)
Cells nuns in Pokrovsky Monastery
Gate Church of the Annunciation
Peter and Paul Church in 1694
Holy Gates with Gate Church of the Annunciation
St. Basil's Cathedral (1510-1514g.) Pokrovsky Monastery.
St. Nicholas Church
Belfry Pokrovsky Monastery
Cafe "Limpopo" in Suzdal
Alexander Monastery (Suzdal)
Transfiguration Cathedral

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