Transfiguration Cathedral

  • Tambov, Russia
  • 392000, Tambov, Cathedral Square, 2 
    One of the oldest stone churches in the territory of Tambov is the Saviour - Transfiguration Cathedral. The construction of this temple was started back in 1636.

    Initially planned to build a one-storey temple, but after laying of the first floor, rebuilt and second. The building of the cathedral massive enough, because it treharshinnoy wall thickness. In the lower part of the church cut a window above the altar, put together a set of stairs and formed on the second floor.
    Temple rebuilt for more than one century. Since 1843 begins overhaul.

    The inner walls of the cathedral are painted on the grounds of the Old and New Testaments. To the top of the church have made new iconostasis, which was decorated with 6 new icons. A lower church decorated wooden iconostasis made in the Rococo style. Erected a new stone bell tower. Soon begins construction of two wings, which completed the architecture of the temple.

    The temple is the main shrine - the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Kazan. For a long time in the building of the temple was located Tambov museum. But after returning the cathedral to believers, he is still the main asset of the city.
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