Transfiguration Cathedral

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    The temple is situated on the territory of St. Euthymius monastery in Suzdal, called the Transfiguration Cathedral is a monument of Russian architecture of the XVI century. Currently, the Transfiguration Cathedral is part of the Vladimir-Suzdal museum. It was built in the tradition of the ancient city of Suzdal white stone architecture.

    At the beginning of the XVII century century cathedral decorated the outside painted. Its walls were crowned with traditional local architecture arkaturno-columnar zone around the perimeter.

    Four pillars and deep apse of the space available in the interior of the cathedral. Under the leadership of Gury Nikitin was performed team of artists painting in the XVII century. The whole cathedral is decorated with painted walls and columns, filled with four lanes. Image Acts of the Apostles are located in the lower tier, while the other three - the Gospel of Christ biography. First images of the Russian tsars of the Romanov dynasty were placed at the bottom.
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