The cable car station "Bor"

  • Elevaya, Russia
  • Station "Bor" Nizhny Novgorod ropeway. Bor 
    Station "Borskі" - end station of Nizhny Novgorod ropeway. The opening of the station took place on 9 February 2012. Nizhny Novgorod cable car - is an attempt to provide residents an alternative power by public transport, does not create congestion. Road connects the banks of the Volga in the region of Nizhny Novgorod and Bor.

    Station "Borskі" is, as the name suggests, on the side of Bor. The building provides a comfortable waiting and comfortable fit in covered wagons passenger ropeway. Furthermore, it is valuable that a transport object, building, definitely is one of the ornaments of the city.

    The station building was built in the Art Nouveau style. The abundance of glass and lightness lines devoid of pretentiousness, create a feeling of lightness, flight design. Light tone lining with a slight accent of red make a very elegant building.
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