The metro station "Airport"

  • Yurevo, Russia
  • Leningrad,., D. 62, Moscow, Russia 
    "Airport" - one of the oldest stations of the Moscow metro. It was opened back in 1938. Geographically, it is bound to Khodynka Field, where in the early 20th century was located central Moscow airport. Hence it took the name of the station.

    It is believed that the "Airport" was the first station of the Moscow metro, built by the open way. Interesting fact that the project "Airport" was copied Ostrovsky architect for building the bunker in Samara Stalin.

    Of course, the design of the station can be traced topic flights, sky and air. Like the firmament, pracherchanay routing airlines for the passenger hall embossed ceiling that goes into the wall. Collected from multi-colored marble and limestone walls look very clearly. In general, the station looks very spacious and really creates a sense of flight. And this effect is achieved solely by architectural forms.
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