Metro Station "Alekseevskaya"

  • CHesnokovo, Russia
  • pr. Mira. 112a, Moscow, Russia 
    "Alyakseeўskaya" - one of intense underground stations on the Kaluga-Riga branch of the Moscow metro. Her daily ridership is estimated at nearly 54 thousand people.

    Station open May 1, 1958 In "Alexis" (this name came into effect only in 1990 and dates back to the ancient city) station carried the names "Shcherbakovskaya" and "Peace".

    Making station unnoticed, but it still feels scale and monumentality of the Stalin era. Hall space designed in bright colors. Its main attraction are the rounded arches and massive, very beautiful chandeliers. White marble walls is decorated with green accents. Along the perimeter of the room apart solid bench. The floor is paved with gray and red granite.

    At the station there is a ground lobby. An interesting fact is that the escalators on "Alexeyev" built not from the top down, as usual, but in the opposite direction.
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