The metro station "Botanical Garden"

  • Talezh, Russia
  • pr. Serebriakova 2, Moscow 
    The metro station "Botanical Garden" is located in the north of Moscow, and is part Kaluzhsko-Riga line of the Moscow Metro. The station has two exits to the city.

    The station was opened in 1978 and linked the northern areas of the city center. Owes its name to the station which is located in close proximity to the botanical garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences. One output from the station located in the Park Leonov, and the second goes to travel Serebryakov.

    Station project was designed by architects and Demchinskii Kolesnikova. Columns, marble, shared lobby area into three parts. On the nearby botanical garden reminiscent of decorative panels with floral ornaments, art zavyarshalnymі design of the main hall.

    Today, every day at the station is up to 30 million passengers.
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