Metro station "Dinamo"

  • Yurevo, Russia
  • pr. 36, Leningrad, Moscow 
    The metro station "Dynamo" is a part of Zamoskvoretskaya line. It is located on the Leningrad prospectus at Petrovsky Park and the stadium "Dinamo", from which the station got its name.

    "Dynamo" was opened in 1938, among other stations Zamoskvoretskaya line, which amounted to the second stage of the Moscow Metro. Two station hall located on Leningrad Prospect - one directly to the south of the stadium, and the second - In the direction of the street New Bashilovka. Ground station hall are the largest facilities of its kind in Moscow and is considered a monument of culture. Magnificent pavilions, framed by powerful columns, raised on a terrace decorated stucco reliefs on the outside and inside the sports theme.

    Onyx, sandstone, marble of various colors were actively used in the design of putsyavoy hall station, which has become the hallmark of all of the Moscow metro. Pylons divide the space into three zones, and the walls of the hall are decorated with reliefs with partsalyanavymі images of different sports, ranging from football and ending climbing.

    Daily "Dinamo" takes on a significant share of total passenger traffic of the Moscow metro, there is more than 100 thousand people a day.
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