The metro station "Medvedkovo"

  • Lenino, Russia
  • st. Wide, Moscow 
    The metro station "Medvedkovo" is the terminus Kaluzhsko-Riga line of the Moscow Metro. Through the station a day passes more than 85 000 people.

    Shallow column station (10 meters) opened in 1978. It is named Moscow region Medvedkovo. "Medvedkovo" built prefabricated architects and Aleshin. Samoilov.

    The station is faced with red marble. On the walls are 8 panels of anodized aluminum, which show the northern nature. Plots panels: the polar bear on an ice floe hunting for polar geese, ice blocks and others. At the station, there are 2 rows of 26 columns, covered with marble and warm colors.

    Two ground lobby leads to the streets broad and Grekova, as well as travel Shokalski.
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