The metro station "Otradnoe"

  • Lenino, Russia
  • Street intersection. Khachaturian and the Decembrists, district Welcome, Moscow, Russia 
    Moscow Metro - a complex underground labyrinth that connects different parts of the city. Each underground station bears the stamp of individuality. A comparison of these old and modern, you can see how the changed attitude of the country, expressed in the design of the various stations.

    "Otradnoe" - a relatively new station. It was opened in 1991 on the site of the Serpukhov-Timiryazevskaya line. The name reflects the toponymic bind to the urban area.

    This is the "shallow station, communication is at the level of all nine meters underground. Registration designed by architects L. Popov and Volovich, - simple, but not without elegance. Open space is not blocked by any complex designs, creates a sense of space, and two rows of beautifully located on the roof lamps create some space Association. The floor and walls are decorated with black marble, there are several panels on historical themes. Ground lobby at no station, get on the subway, you can directly from the underpass.
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