Metro Station "Paveletskaya"

  • Uspenskoe, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow 
  • +7 499 787-25-86 
    Station "Paveletskaya" refers to Zamoskvoretskaya Moscow subway lines. It is located between the stations "Avtozavodskaya" and "Navakuznetskaya" in the metropolitan area now serving the Central Administrative District. The station has the status of an architectural monument, as evidenced installed in 2010 the corresponding board.

    "Glade" was opened in 1943, during the war, and its name was The nearby Paveletsky station. The station has a ground lobby and column three-vaulted deep (33.5 meters) laying structure. "Paveletskaya" is themed the armed forces of the Soviet Union. Decorations of the central hall is a bronze medallions and moldings, and is located in the lobby of marble panels.
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