The metro station "Pioneer"

  • Yurevo, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow 
  • +7 499 787-25-86 
    Station "Pioneer" refers to Filevskaya subway lines in Moscow and is located between the "Fili Park" and "Kuntsevsky", near the former village Mazilova (now included in the limits of the capital). The station was built with funds from the sale of scrap metal, collected pioneers and Komsomol Kuntsovo.

    Opening of "Pioneer" was in 1961. The design represents a ground with an island platform, zbudavanuyu precast plant. At the station, there are two lobby - lightweight glazed pavilions that overlook the Minor Filevskaya street. Finish columns, base and walls of the vestibule stairs made of white marble, on the platform - asphalt surface.
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