The metro station "area of ​​the Transfiguration"

  • CHesnokovo, Russia
  • st. Most CHerkizovskaja, Moscow 
    "Transfiguration Square" is under the Transfiguration area in East administrative district of the capital and is included in the Sokolniki metro line. The station opened in December 1965. Until 1990, the station was the final on the line.

    Column station with three bays built at a depth of 8 meters Demchinskii architect. At the station, there are 2 rows of 40 columns in increments of 4 meters. Initially, walls and pillars were decorated with ceramic tiles with thin strips of green marble, but later coating aluminum composite panels replaced. Paul station is covered by red and gray granite.

    At the station arranged two outlets - east and west, leading to the Cherkizovsky street and Transfiguration. In 2002, the passenger station was more than 60 000 people.
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