The metro station "Proletarian"

  • Uspenskoe, Russia
  • Sq. Peasant Zastava, Moscow 
    Moscow subway station "Proletarian" is a Tagansko Krasnopresnenskaya line and is located in the Tagansky district of the Central district of the capital. It was opened in 1966.

    Shallow column station with three spans was built to the standard design of all kinds. Columns station hall are decorated with the help of light marble floor - gray granite walls of travel - light plastic and black tiles. Walls decorated with aluminum inserts, which show the hammer and sickle. Lamps mounted in the ribbed ceiling.

    This station is the only station in Moscow, which has three underground lobby. One of them is combined with the station "Peasant Zastava", which is part of the Lublin-Dmitrov line.
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