The metro station "Pyatnitskoe Highway"

  • Putilkovo, Russia
  • Mitino Moskva 
    Metro station "Pyatnitskaya highway" is located at the intersection of the highway and Pyatnitskiy Mіtsіnskіh street. The station is young - it opened in December 2012. It was built in just one year on the budget 5500000000 rubles.

    The station was built with two column-span curved shape, much distinguishes it from other stations of the Moscow Metro. Her cover two rows of lamps mounted on the landing platform. On one side of the station column shlyahavaya walls and floors decorated with black marble, and on the other - white.

    At the station, there are two lobby - north and south Ground underground. They go on and Mіtsіnskіh Muravskiy street. Stair gatherings lobbies equipped with ramps for wheelchairs, and in one of the hallways are elevators.
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