The metro station "River Station"

  • Rozhdestveno, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow 
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    Station "River Station" is the ultimate on Zamoskvoretskaya subway lines in Moscow. It is located behind the station "Water Stadium", perpendicular to the street Festival, in the metropolitan area Levoberezhny Northern Administrative District.

    The station has a three-span column shallow design, built to the standard project and called on the Northern river station. This is one of the busiest subway stations of the city. Station "River Station" built under time under Khrushchev, when the construction of emphasis is given to the elimination of excess. In this regard, it is quite modest design. This station is considered to be unique in the field of paleontology: decorative stone columns contains a small amount of fossils - Shells and Naўtylusy amanіtu.

    Two ground lobby leads to both sides of the street Festival. Nearby attractions such as Friendship Park 1957; North River Terminal in 1937, which is an architectural landmark and symbol of Moscow; cinema "Neva" and the temple Mother of God "Sign" of the 19th century.
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