The metro station "Smolensk"

  • Moscow, Russia
  • per. Troilinsky, Moscow 
    "Smolensk" station Arbatska-Pokrovskaya line of the Moscow metro was built April 5, 1953 It received its name due to the Smolensk area.

    "Smolensk" station was built by architect Rozhin and Yakovlev to the standard design in the form of pylons station deep foundation with three arches. Turnstiles in the lobby and at the entrance in 2010 were replaced with new ones. At the exit to the city from the turnstiles no escalators. 

    Framed station on the military-historical theme. Pylons station decorated with snow-white marble floor - black marble with ornaments, travel walls - white ceramics. The station hall light pole chandeliers and lamps mounted under the arch rooms. The end wall is a bas-relief dedicated to the defenders of the motherland.
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The metro station "Smolensk"
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