Metro Station "Sviblovo"

  • Lenino, Russia
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    Station "Sviblovo" is 105. In the city of Moscow Metro, refers to Kaluzhsko-Riga line, located between stations "Babushkinskiy" and "Botanical Garden".

    The opening of the station took place in 1978, the name given by the same name of the metropolitan area. The design "Sviblovo" is a small station (depth of 8 meters) of emplacement. Ground lobby it does not, the output is made through the underground passages, leading to the passage Rusanava, street Snow and Amundsen.

    Marble columns were decorated with gold inserts made of anodized aluminum. In the output, over the stairs, panels located smalt "Teaching of the regiment Although" and "Girls in folk costumes." Frieze on the track walls contains 48 music drawings on the theme of Russian cities - emblems and panels signed cast letters.
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