The metro station "Tushinskaya"

  • Ryzhkovo, Russia
  • pr. Stratonavts, Moscow 
    Metro station "Tushino" is an intermediate station Tagansko Krasnopresnenskaya line of the Moscow Metro. It was named for the nearby district. Station is located between "Skhodnenskaya" and "Shchukinskaya" stations.

    The station lies at a depth of 10.5 meters by architects and Petukhov Kachurintsy.

    Travel wall station covers light marble and frieze glass of burgundy, gray and purple. Columns are faced with gray-blue marble floor - red and gray granite. On technological doorway depicts Summer technology in all its diversity: gliders, helicopters, airplanes, etc., talks about the proximity to the metro Tushino airfield.

    At the station include the north and south underground lobbies, from which you can enter the street Tushinskom, travel Stratonavts and Volokolamsk Highway.
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