The metro station "Street Podbelskogo"

  • Dubechino, Russia
  • st. Ivanteevka, Moscow 
    "Street Padbelskaga" is the ultimate station Sokolniki line. It was opened in 1990 and is named after the party leader Vadim Pobdelskogo, after whom the street was also named. Since 1992, the street is called Ivanteevsky.

    The first output of the station leads to the open highway, and the second - on the street Invateevskuyu and 7th passage Dubelskogo. The station lies at a depth of 8 meters. Its constructed of precast concrete for the project and Aleshin. Samoilov. Platform width - 10 meters.

    Columns in the hall are covered with white marble walls - metal strips, basement walls - dark granite floor - light gray granite with red and black marble.

    In 2002, the passenger station was about 45 000 people.
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