The metro station "ENEA"

  • Talezh, Russia
  • the intersection of Prospect Mira and 1 Lateral directions, Moscow 
    The metro station "ENEA" - one of the busiest station of the Moscow Metro. It is located at the Kaluga-Riga line near the National Exhibition Center.

    Station lies at a depth of 54 meters and is a three-vaulted room, divided into three zones of pylons. The walls are decorated using marble slabs and pylons are decorated with steel elements.

    The architectural design of the station "Exhibition Center" was developed in the mid-fifties of the XX century, and the station itself was opened in 1958. The station is located in the northern part Kaluzhsko-Riga line and is considered one of the busiest in Russia - Its passenger traffic is approaching 150 thousand people a day. Next to the station is the bus station and the main entrance to the All-Russia Exhibition Center (formerly was called ENEA).

    The station has two exits to the surface - one pavilion is located near the exhibition center in Moscow monorail, and the second output leads to Prospekt Mira.
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