Metro Station "Voikovskaya"

  • Ryzhkovo, Russia
  • w. 10 Leningrad, Moscow 
    Metro Station "voykovskoy" is on the Leningrad highway and enters the northern part of the Moscow Metro Zamoskvoretskaya branches. It is located in the Northern district.

    "Voykovsky" was opened in December 1964 of three other stations, which amounted to a continuation of Zamoskvoretskaya line north of metro "Falcon". The station was built by typavomu project, the work M.F.Markovsky and YA Kolesnikov.

    One of the outputs is located near the street Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy and Alexander. And the second is addressed to the Leningrad highway. Near the exit to the city is a railway platform Leningrad. There is also a plant P.L.Voykova, which gave the name of the station Metro.

    "Voykovsky" - just downloaded Moscow metro station, daily use its services to 100 thousand passengers.
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