Stela "Europe-Asia"

  • Shirokaya Rechka (admin. territoriya g. Ekaterinburga), Russia
  • Yekaterinburg, 17 km Novomoskovsky tract
    Border of Europe and Asia - one of the features of the Ural region. Modern border of Europe and Asia has been proposed VNTatishchev, founder of many cities in the Urals. It was he justified the conduct of the border in the mountains of the Ural mountain range and the Ural River.

    Obelisks - monuments on the border of Europe and Asia were installed from the beginning of the 19th century. The first steles were wooden monuments in the form of four other monuments with inscriptions "Europe" and "Asia". To care for the obelisk and its safeguarding near stele built small guard house in which they lived lesoobezdchiki. The first column of the Urals "Europe-Asia" was established in the spring of 1837 to the former Siberian Highway near the town of Pervouralsk on Mount Birch. In 1873, a wooden pole was replaced by obelisk made of marble, set on a stone pedestal. At the top of the pyramid was fortified gilded double-headed eagle.

    After the October Revolution, an obelisk, a symbol of royal power, was destroyed. In 1926, in its place erected a new one, but without the eagle, and the marble and lined with granite. In 2004, two kilometers west of Crystal Mountain, 17 km Novomoskovsky tract was elevated to a new grand obelisk "Europe-Asia", which by 2015 will be replaced by a monumental structure. In the Urals has more than 20 obelisks Europe and Asia.
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