Studio Galande

  • Paris, France
  • 42 rue Galande, Paris, France | 5th 
  • +33 
  • Studio Galande located 42 rue Galande, Paris, France 5th. It was opened in January 1979 in the basement. At this time, the Latin Quarter has captivated a huge number of independent theaters.

    The studio is one of the most promising fields of art in Paris. Cinema broadcasts films that meet the specific criteria of independent cinema in France, and has the status of art-house cinema.

    Cinema boasts an extensive program, which includes both cartoons, let it be Disney or independent, and religious paintings of all time. Special excitement causes Rocky Horror Picture Show, which takes place every output over the past 30 years. This interactive show where the viewer is able to experience the entire game on the characters themselves, for example, during the assault - guests generously poured water. Visiting the show is restricted to persons who have reached the age of 16, as there are scenes simulate sexual intercourse.

    Studio Galande regularly organizes independent film festival in South and North America.
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