Danilov Monastery

  • Uspenskoe, Russia
  • 115191, Moscow, ul. Danilovskiy shaft 22 
    Danilov Monastery was founded in 1282 the son of Alexander Nevsky Daniel. The monastery got its name from the patron saint of Daniel the Stylite.

    In 1293 the monastery was destroyed by the Mongols during their invasion of Moscow and restored only when Tsar Ivan the Terrible in 1560. Around the monastery built stone walls and towers, but unfortunately, they were defeated at Lzhedzmіtryі II.

    Monastery was unlucky and in the 1812 war - in its territory staged warehouses and killed livestock, and property was looted.

    In 1930 the monastery was closed. Only in 1983 the monastery was transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church, and in 1988 he became a central venue for the celebrations of the Millennium of the Baptism of Rus.
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