Holy Vedeno island convent

  • Dorohovo, Russia
  • Russia, 601120, Vladimir region, Petushki district, Cover, p / o Vvedenskoe. 
  • Vienna holiday-island convent was formerly Orthodox monastery, today is female. Located on the island Ўvyadzenskaga Lake, near the town of Veil.

    Opening it happened at the end of the XVII century, consecrated January 14, 1710, Moscow was the illuminator ieromonah Iokany.
    At first, the building was made of wood, the shrine of the monastery was an icon of the Mother of God of the Introduction, the intercession which in 1863 residents of the Intercession miraculously got rid of cholera.
    The monastery housed a school and a home for the reception, during the Soviet era corrective labor institutions, and in 1995 became a convent.

    In 2001, instead of the bell tower built brick bell tower.
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