Vvedensky Monastery Island

  • Kilekshino, Russia
  • Russia, Vladimir region, near Shroud 
    If you want solitude and get pleasure from the amazing Russian nature, then visit the Vvedensky island monasteries. It is situated away from metropolitan areas on the island in the middle of the Vyatka (Ўvyadzenskaga) Lake, near the city covered. It was founded in 1708 by monks of the desert Sergei Antonia and Timothy. They also built a wooden chapel and cells.

    In the future, to take increased and was erected a temple in the name of the Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos. A monk Sergius was consecrated to the priesthood and appointed a builder of the monastery. Later stone church was built in honor of St. Nicholas. And at the gate of the monastery built a wooden church in honor of the prophet Elijah.

    The brothers tried to live and pray for strict Athos Charter. In addition, for the pilgrims, who could not be more than three days, the monastery was built hotel and dining room. All were given free of charge.

    Unfortunately, in 1918 the monastery was closed, and all the property nationalized. In 1932 the monastery operated educational labor colony. In Vvedenskoj church was organized school for juvenile prisoners, and in St. Nicholas Church - and a cinema club. Only since 1991 began the gradual transfer of the premises of the Orthodox Church and the restoration of the monastery. June 6, 1995 by the decision of the Holy Synod of the place was given the status of "nunnery" and is prioress revived monastery nun Fevronia.
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