Holy Lake

  • Kerva, Russia
  • Yuzhsky District Ivanovo region 
  • Thus, the most beautiful and cleanest in the Ivanovo region has the holy lake, it is the second largest after Rubskoye. Its greatest width is 840 meters, length - 1950 meters and the depth - 6 meters, allowing it to warm up very quickly in summer days.

    Even in ancient times to the lake was treated as a saint, its shores were so carefully groomed and covered with green grass that people go only trodden paths. Scientists believe that the lake of glacial origin, crystal purity allows water to watch the bottom, the depth of 4-6 meters, is located in a boat in the middle of the river.

    In 1939, in the marshes near the lake began production of peat, which was accompanied by weighty use of water resources. In this regard, it was decided to restore the water level due to pumping of water from the river Luh during floods.

    Flora and fauna is rich in its diversity. More than 20 species of fungi and plants listed in the Red Book, are residents okoloozernoy areas. Animals included in the Red Book, such as the swallowtail and tit Hera, also live in it shores. On the banks of the lake is protected from strong winds pine forest, and it also promotes good warm-water.

    Visit this beautiful place and plunge headlong into the world of pleasure and fantasy!
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