Theatre of Marcellus

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  • Theatre of Marcellus, Rome, Italy 
  • Theatre of Marcellus - this is the only ancient theater, which is a miracle preserved in Rome. Construction of the theater began at 13 and ended at 12 BC. An interesting fact is that the theater eventually served as a model for the construction of the world-famous Coliseum. Theatre is located on the right bank of the Tiber.

    Construction Marcellus conceived by Julius Caesar, but life has not managed to implement it. And only when Aktavіyanam August unfolded construction of a grand theater. This theater Octavian dedicated to the memory of his late nephew Marcus Claudius Marcellus, This is where the name of the theater.

    11,000 spectators at the same time could be in the theater of Marcellus - it was just an amazing sight - so many people waiting for circuses. In the Middle Ages the building was rebuilt into a fortress. And in the fortress palace of the noble family nadbudavalі Orsini. Currently, the upper floors of the Theatre of Marcellus is a real house.
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