TV and Radio Company "Star" in Moscow

  • Talezh, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, Prospekt Mira, d.126 
    TV and Radio Company of the Armed Forces "Star" includes the Channel Star Radio Star and thematic websites. Channel "Star" appeared on air in 2005. And as soon as he was able to find its niche on television.

    A feature of this channel is a combination of documentary and feature films with high-quality information programs. The bulk of the air channel is educational films and program cycles of the famous battles of the past centuries, history of military uniforms, the great generals of the past, aircraft and small arms.

    And also regularly aired various news programs on the history of the Russian army, cultural and political life of the country and the world. Periodically on the channel "Star" is held film screenings and series of "gold fund "Foreign and domestic cinema.

    The primary audience of the TV channel "Star" there are people who are interested in the history of the country and tend to knowledge.
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