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Tunis is the capital of Tunisia, located is on southeastern part of it. The city has a great attraction - Belvedere Park. You can to look around too. On southeast (2 kilometers) is Most Tunisian synagogue, Shop "Generale" (2 km), Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul (2 km). On south (2 kilometers) is Mausoleum of Sidi Mahreza, Hamouda Pasha Mosque (2 km).

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Shop "Generale" Bab Khadra
Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul Bab al Jazirah
Jardin Public Manar II
Hamouda Pasha Mosque Kasbah
Souq el-Attarine Kasbah
Souq el Burke Kasbah
Mosque of al-Zeitun Kasbah
Ibn Khaldun Monument Bab al Jazirah
Gate Bab el-Bahar Bab al Jazirah
The observation deck on the roof of the hotel "El Hana International" Bab al Jazirah
Easy subway Tunisia Bab al Jazirah
The French Embassy in Tunisia Bab al Jazirah
Museum in the palace of Dar Othman Montfleury
Area Farhat Hasheda Bab al Jazirah
Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions Montfleury
National Museum of Bardo Bardo Museum
Avenue Habib Bourguiba Bab al Jazirah
The international airport of Tunis Carthage El Aouina
The Lake of Tunis El Aouina
Monument Habib Bourguiba La Goulette
Roman theater in Carthage Sidi Daoud
Ancient Christian burial Tophet Salamboo
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Interesting facts Tunis

  • Population : 693,210

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