• Ushki, Russia
  • East Ridge, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky district, Kamchatka region 
    Mountain range has been around for hundreds of years. The exact date of the formation of Tolbachik scientists can not determine. It is believed that the volcano was born more than 2.5 million years ago on the site of an ancient volcano shchytavoga.

    The highest volcano in the array is considered Acute Tolbachik. Its height is more than 3500 meters. He is a huge cone-shaped mound of different rocks. At the top, through the frequent eruptions destroyed the crater.

    Flat Tolbachik slightly below his brother. His height of about 3000 meters. And it's not as tapered as the island. The top of the volcano is cut to form two basins with a diameter of about three kilometers. They are filled with glacier level, introducing a flat top. But in fact, under a thick layer of ice are huge cracks from which periodically emitted tons of volcanic ash. They rise up to 5-8 kilometers. Last time this event was observed in 2012.
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