Tomsk State University

  • Tomsk, Russia
  • Russian Federation, 634050, Tomsk, Lenina ave., 36. 
  • +7 52-98-52 
    The title of the first Russian university in Siberia rightfully Tomsk State University. It was founded in May 1878 in the city of Tomsk decree of the Council of the Russian Empire and was a list of thirty-nine national universities. 

    The opening of the institution took place after a full 10 years after its founding - in 1888, and it consisted of only one faculty - medical.

    Scientific Library is the same pride of the University, as well as the famous Siberian Botanical Garden, which was created in 1880. In the second half of the XIX century it was decided to base the gardens at higher education. The first greenhouse was small, height of just 4 meters, and a heated oven.

    At present, the university has 22 faculty, of which the most popular is the Faculty of Law, and the lowest - Faculty of Physical Education. About a hundred students who studied at TSU, became members of the Academy of Medical Sciences and research Academies of other countries, and more than 250 was awarded the State Prize.
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