Tomsk Regional Museum

  • Tomsk, Russia
  • Tomsk region, Tomsk, Lenina ave., 75 
  • +7 (3822) 51-4398 
    Tomsk Regional Museum appeared in the city thanks to the initiative of the local intelligentsia. The idea of ​​creating such a museum existed for a long time, but the revolutionary events of 1917 have postponed it for several decades.

    First, the city authorities have allocated a place in the construction of a building for the Regional Siberian Scientific Art Museum named after Alexander II, but soon changed his mind and decided museum was housed in an old manor gold-IV D. Astashava. The museum was eventually named "Museum of antiquities and the revolution." Gradually, in the archives of the museum collections began to receive various materials from local artists, architects, university professors, are trying to restore scattered by war and the revolution of the items that had at least some artistic and historical value.

    The first exhibition in the museum was opened in 1922, and it was then that the museum has received a name that corresponds to the direction of his work. Today Tomsk Regional Museum in addition to exhibition activities engaged in scientific and educational work. He is methodical center of museum work for all museums in the region.
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