Trajan's Forum

  • Pigna, Italy
  • Piazza Foro Traiano,
    Roma, Italia
  • The word «forum» means "Market Square", "Bazaar". In ancient Rome, there were several areas, and all of them were called forums. Forum of Trajan - historically the last of the Imperial fora of Rome. The Forum was built by Emperor Trajan architect Apalador from Damascus.

    In fact, the forum was built in honor of the conquest of Dacia Trojan in 106 and brought decorated with trophies. First Forum presents numerous porches size of 200 by 120 meters with eksedrami on both sides. Triumphal arch, surmounted by a chariot, plays the role of the main entrance and is located on the south side of the forum. On the opposite side is offline belamarmurovy Basilica Ulpia. However, the key building forum - Trajan's Column. Its height is 38 meters, diameter is 4 meters. 
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