Royal mansion "Izmailovo"

  • Dubechino, Russia
  • district Izmailovo, Moscow, Russia 
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  • Often associated with the name of the estate of Peter I. Izmailovskii groves have been a favorite place for fun maneuvers regiments of the first Russian emperor. In the mid-nineteenth century, there was organized by Nicholas military hospice. The former manor was supplemented by large and modern buildings, allowing visual landscape of the estate is not perceived as medieval.

    In the center of the estate is the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin surrounded by soldiers and the officer corps, and the back of the cathedral - The Prince yard.

    Main entrance to the estate was Bridge Tower - now here is the branch of the State Historical Museum "Izmailovo and rulers of Russia".

    The museum holds a large educational work - excursions on the history of the estate, costume, theatrical tours and performances, concerts of ancient music and musical poetry readings.
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