Central Pavilion №1 VVC

  • Perhurovo, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, Prospekt Mira, Homeownership 119 
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    The main pavilion of All-Russian Exhibition Centre, 90 meters in height with a spire, towers over the entire exhibition. The facades are decorated with colonnades and the entrance to the sweeping staircases lead.

    The building was built in 1939. In 1954, the pavilion is supplemented by two upper tiers and completed high gilded spire with a star. The second tier was framed by colonnades around the perimeter. Also, the building was decorated with bronze sculptures.

    In the Main Hall was nine thematic rooms: Revolution successes in industry and agriculture, rooms dedicated to the party, the Constitution, as well as room, depicts the struggle of the Soviet Union for peace throughout the world. Today, in addition to the trade stalls The main pavilion is a museum of the "Field of Dreams" and the permanent exhibition "Secrets of the underwater world." The pavilion has the status of historical and cultural monuments of national importance.
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