Church of the Intercession on the Nerl

  • Orgtrud, Russia
  • Russia, Vladimir region, Bogolyubovo 
    Among the vast waters, the confluence of two rivers and Nerlі Klyaz'ma is world famous monument of ancient architecture - white Church of the Intercession. It was built in 1165, during the reign of Prince Bogolyubsky. Chronicles of sources known that the church was built in honor of the victorious campaigns ўladzіmіrtsaў Bulgars, and in memory of the death of his son Prince.

    For more than eight centuries people amaze white church and its graceful form. Although the first temple was surrounded by gallery and the hill on which the temple stood, was lined with white stone. As shown by the archaeological exploration, the temple was built on artificially raised Hill, a kind of protection from the spring floods. At the base of the hill were laid the foundations, substructure of about 5.30 meters.

    Prior to the XXI century, this masterpiece has remained a miracle, because the abbot of the monastery Bogolyubsky decided to disassemble this unprofitable temple and bricks used for the construction of another bell tower. But, fortunately, it did not happen. Not only preserved the internal painted temple through incorrect restoration work in 1877 and now tourists and pilgrims can admire the craftsmanship of our ancestors, admire the amazing beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Currently, there are regular worship for believers and excursions for tourists.
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