Church of Santa Maria di Loreto

  • Pigna, Italy
  • Piazza della Madonna di Loreto, 26
    00187 Roma, Italia
  • +39 06 679 2235 
  • Church of Santa Maria di Loreto is located in the ancient part of Rome at esplanadze Trajan's Forum, sponsored by the pious brotherhood of bakers, which still has its headquarters in the building next door. The church building is the result of joint work of two architects Antonio da Sangallo the Younger and Bramante. Dome and lantern made later by one of the disciples of Michelangelo - Jacopo del Duca.

    In 1500, "The Congregation Fornari" received from Pope Alexander VI a small chapel that was demolished for the construction of the present church. The church was built of brick and travertsіnu. It is distinguished by the extraordinary beauty of proportions that create a noble the effect of lightness. The entrance portal bears the signature of Andrea Sansovino and date MDXCIII (1596) clearly shows that the completion of the works. The church is crowned by a dome with a rich barabannymі cavities window and supports. On the facade - Madonna School Andrea Sansovino, while angels on the side doors - Jacopo del Duca work.

    Interior of the Church of elliptical shape with five altars. In the chapel you can see the unique ancient mosaic work of Paolo Rosetti 1594 Central altar built by Gaspar Vekhi in 1628, and later in 1867 it was reconstructed Karnin Luca (1830-1890). On both side of the central altar there are two paintings of the XVII century. Inside the church is a sculpture of Santa Susanna, one of the major works of François Duquesnoy, he has performed as anticipated in 1640.
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